Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John McCain on Federal Reserve Rate Cut Today

"Financial market events raise the urgency of cutting taxes and pro-growth
policies in the United States. Last week I offered a strong, pro-growth plan to
immediately stimulate the economy and strengthen it over the long term. The role
of the Federal Reserve is to ensure that our financial markets are
well-functioning and to support economic growth. I am confident that the action
taken this morning to cut two key rates will support these goals. The U.S.
economy has proven to be quite resilient. I am concerned about financial market
events, but with the right leadership and pro-growth policies the economy can
weather this upheaval."

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Anonymous said...

The Constitution requires Mr. McCain to be responsible for monetary policy. HE is responsible for creating new money, how money is created, etc. He has delegated this power to a group of unelected officials who are accountable to nobody, the federal reserve. Now, I'm not saying he did all of this, but he's a congressmen and responsible members of congress speak out against this.

Furthermore, McCain, unbelievably, does not know what Congress' mandate is for the federal reserve. It has NOTHING to do with economic growth and everything to do with price stability. The fed has been unwilling to constrain the money supply to control the price of items we buy, like gasoline.

I sure will not vote for Obama, as he's not any better, but not any worse as far as I can see. My vote goes to Bob Barr. He's demonstrated a knowledge of the Constitution and the roles of the different branches that McCain doesn't understand.

McCain couldn't teach an 8th grade government class. He's a leftist and he won't get the vote of this coservative.

Cincinnati, OH