Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Obama supporter moves to McCain

From the Daily Dish

I am a lifelong Democrat and have been a strong Obama advocate--even donating
money for the very first time in my life. (And I am over 50.) Still, all
along, I thought, if Clinton gets the nomination, I'd vote for her over a
Republican. Especially after the past decade of the Republican
experience. However, after seeing Clinton in action in these past weeks
and at last night's debate (as well as Bill's "contributions"), I will never
vote for her. Never. If she gets the nomination, I will have to hope that McCain
is nominated and give him a good look.
While I have considerable disagreement
with him on a policy level, he is a man of integrity. (Mostly; but that's
another email.) Perhaps a McCain presidency balanced by a Democratic
Congress will serve the country well. But no matter the Republican
nominee, one thing is certain: I will not vote for Hillary. The
person who once bemoaned the politics of personal destruction now applies them
with stomach-turning zeal. Not to mention her well-crafted art of the
politics of distortion. No, that's not what I want for this country.
We've had enough of destruction, distortion and manipulation. Obama is a
breath of welcome fresh air. If the country does not see it, well, then I
suppose we'll "get what we deserve." Again.

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