Sunday, January 13, 2008

Michigan News Media Endorse McCain

From Mad Irishman McCain for President. It would appear that John McCain is surging again with media support in Mitt Romney's own homestate.


Kalamazoo Gazette, Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, Port Huron Times-Herald And Jackson Citizen Patriot Endorse John McCain"McCain is our pick, in part, because we believe he would be the best standard-bearer for the GOP in November. He would have the broadest appeal in a general election. But more important, we believe he would be the better president of those running in the Republican field. [McCain] knows about enduring adversity in a way that none of the other candidates could possibly know. He certainly has more experience in foreign policy matters than the others. He knows how to work with both Republicans and Democrats." -- Kalamazoo Gazette

"McCain is a solid conservative whose views resonate with Livingston County Republicans. He is a pragmatic, tested politician who will forge necessary alliances, whether with Democrats when bipartisan solutions are needed or with other nations in battling terrorism. ... Perhaps most important to Republicans, McCain is the conservative that will likely fare best in November against whomever the Democrats nominate." -- Livingston County Daily Press & Argus"McCain is the one who deserves the victory. The state's voters gave McCain a stunning victory eight years ago. There are strong reasons to do so again. In a field of capable candidates, McCain shines." -- Port Huron Times-Herald

"Fundamentally, [McCain] is a straight shooter who has stood by our involvement in Iraq and the need for immigration reform even if it has cost him votes. On Thursday, McCain candidly acknowledged that some jobs have left Michigan and South Carolina, another upcoming primary state, for good. While Romney has shifted positions on substantive issues, there's no doubt where McCain stands. ... McCain or Romney would do the job well, but our vote is for McCain." -- Jackson Citizen Patriot

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