Saturday, January 12, 2008

Roundup of big news for John McCain

It looks good for McCain in Michigan and beyond

"Things are certainly looking good for John McCain.The most recent poll in Michigan, from Mitchell Interactive, shows him leading the field by seven percent. His lead in the RCP average for Michigan is now at two and a half percent.After the surprising (and perhaps questionable) CNN poll yesterday that showed him opening up a 13-point lead nationally he leads the pack nationally in the RCP average by four percent. And remember: the national polls are probably the best indication of how a candidate is likely to do on Tsunami Tuesday, Feb. 5."

"A long-awaited Republican presidential primary endorsement from South Carolina’s largest newspaper, The State, has finally been announced. With exactly one week until Republicans vote, the paper’s editorial board is officially backing Sen. John McCain.

FOR SOUTH CAROLINA, and to some extent for the nation, the choice among Republican candidates for president has come down to two men.
First Rudy Giuliani, then Mitt Romney looked at political realities and fled the Palmetto State, deciding their priorities lay elsewhere. Fred Thompson seems to be running in this first-in-the-South primary just to say he did. Ron Paul keeps on being Ron Paul, former nominee of the Libertarian Party.

The two remaining contenders here happen to be the two strongest candidates — Mike Huckabee and John McCain. Gov. Huckabee is an exciting newcomer who shows a wonderful ability to connect with voters’ concerns, and Republicans could do far worse than to choose him. But his utter lack of knowledge of foreign affairs is unsettling."

John McCain: One of Us!
For months, I have been posting about John McCain in his bid to become Our President. I identify John McCain with two Great American Presidents, Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt. Like Jackson, McCain is welded to personal Honor and devotion to Country.

My Illinois Blogging Pal John Rubery the Marathon Pundit has a coda"One man with courage makes a majority." President Andrew JacksonThat about sums up John McCain, but there is more.